Advisory Services

Privileged insight into the private equity and real estate industries allows Capstone Partners to offer valuable advisory services to firms and investors globally.


Team spin-outs

Successful investment teams operating within larger organizations may ultimately decide to spin-out into an independent platform. For such “captive” teams, navigating the complex transition process alone can be a daunting experience.


Stapled transactions

When the need to raise capital is paired with existing investors in need of liquidity, stapled transactions represent an efficient way to accelerate fundraising while simultaneously providing a path to liquidity.


Secondary transactions

When rebalancing their portfolios, investors value a partner who can help them price a collection of assets and execute a discrete process towards a selective number of buyers.


Investment platform expansion

The core skills and expertise that produce success in one investment strategy may form the basis of success in complementary strategies. Designing, articulating and marketing new products allow firms to grow their platform outside of their core fund focus and expand their institutional footprint.